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This page is for... 

Everyone I have ever known and for

Everyone I now know and for Everyone I will know.


Just...something of what Christian Science has taught me.


What I would say to everyone I have ever known and everyone I know now and to those yet unknown, to friend or stranger.


Life has taught me that despite all the sum total of human misery, the tragedy, sickness, sorrow, injustice, heartbreak, fears etc - despite all of this I have learnt, no, I am convinced beyond all doubt, that the Universe is Designed to Love and Bless All and Everything.

I know it doesn’t look that way, far from it. I know it looks like Heaven is somewhere over the Rainbow but it is not. The Rainbow is all around us and all of its wonders, goodness and beauty are so close, so near.


To all you dear ones, all of you, no matter what the world says or thinks about you, you really are more wonderful, more loved, more beautiful, more magnificent than you can ever possibly imagine.


Our human history does not define us. The record of what we really are is so far beyond and above all of that.


The Universe of Love always cares for you, us and everyone, without any conditions, and you do not have to earn it or deserve it. It is just the way it is. 

It is the fabric of the Universe and it sings out with joy, 

‘I have, I do and I will always Love you’.


Peter Daniel. November 2020